When buying a new car, the main principle that you should remember is that never to buy it on the first car dealer you met. Next to a house, a vehicle is the most expensive investment you’ll going to buy; you have to be sure that it will pay for itself for the coming years to come. The challenge is that, car buying can be intimidating especially for first-timers.  


You don’t know if you’re making a good deal, or what’s a good deal and what’s not. You have to be careful so you won’t make a mistake in spending your money on something not worth it. The thing is; how do you make the best deal? We gathered tips from Hawaii Auto Detail, check it out.  

Shop at the Right Season 

Like any other things you can buy, there’s a best time when shopping for a new car. The ideal season is in the early fall, because this time the dealers are pulling out stock on their inventory to make space for new ones so chances are that they will sell the old cars at a cheaper price. The months of September and October are the best buying periods.  

There are also times that dealers will give promos and big discounts on their year-end sales, so always check the local dealer advertisements to prepare yourself. Dealers will offer special programs so after the holidays they will have new models to sell.  

Car That’s Not Selling Well 

The car selling hasn’t been good in the past years. People still buy cars, because they need it. But there are car models out there that are not doing well on their sales. If you have a tight budget, you might as well check those models because dealers might give you a big discount just to get those off in their inventory list.  

Check the reviews about the car; it’s still important to do your research too. Search for the model that fits your requirements, and be serious about buying it. When you visit the dealer, he might give you a discount that will really make it as a great investment.  

Consider Buying Online 

Buying a car online is also amazing, although it might be too tricky for you. But there are helpful websites like Auto Trader, Cars.com, CarsDirect and many more that allows you to have a close-up look of the car; it’s just like looking at it in person. The reviews are there and then you check the local dealers who are selling that car.   

Be Informed 

We always want to get a good deal, but it doesn’t mean that we compromise the quality of car we are getting. It should be the more reason that you should research more about the car. Visit as many dealers as you can and see who can offer you the best price. But before you’re walking into the dealer’s shop, you should be finally sure about what you want and want you need. Nothing beats than being an informed buyer.