There are some few reasons why stains come back right after steam cleaning and sometimes, after a professional Simi Valley carpet cleaning service. The most usual persistent stains are because of wicking.

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Once fabric is left in the water or any liquid, the liquid carries it to the top. When the liquid is colored (such as in a stain or spot) eventually, the fabric’s top portion absorbs the liquid and displays the color. As a matter of fact, most children will do this as their science experiment in school either by putting a strip of cloth, paper, celery or a candle wick into a cup with food coloring and water. As organize as it is to watch, it’s the other way around of what you want in your carpet.

How does a carpet wick the stains or spots?

The stain needs to sink deep into the carpet’s backside or in the padding underneath the carpet in order to create a stain problem. Once the stain has already been settled that deep, even right after the carpet is totally cleaned, the carpet fibers will wick the stain or spot from below as well as bring it back to its surface. Furthermore, stain which causes wicking issues are stains made by a huge amount of liquid which can’t be totally or quickly removed before soaking their pad below the carpet or its backside.

One common type of stain which makes this problem are pet urine stains because they are usually made by larger amounts of liquid and are certainly not found immediately. In addition to that, cleaning these kinds of stains usually make it a little worse, since most homeowners add more liquid such as the cleaning solution in an attempt to clean the spots or stains. The extra liquid lets more of the stain to soak into the padding and backside of the carpet or even spread, thus becoming even bigger and bigger.

How to Clean and Prevent Wicking Stains?

When this occurs, the best option that you can do is to get rid liquid as much as possible with the use of fans and towels. Be sparing and careful when using a liquid cleaning solution for carpets. A wet-dry vacuum machine can help get rid of bigger amounts of liquid. At the end of the day, the only certain solution to this problem is to have your stained carpet cleaned by professional and experienced carpet cleaning service providers.

They can actually add just enough water to effectively dilute the spot as well as get rid of enough water from within the carpet which the spot is eliminated and doesn’t re-appear. With very bad spots or stains, one cleaning, even from the best carpet cleaning companies, might not be enough to completely get rid of them. Aside from wicking, a lot of stains re-appear because of residue. This is often caused by the wrong impression of doing their best to get rid of the stains using household carpet cleaning agents.